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In some cases, a person may not be aware they are under investigation for a crime until they have been arrested. However, there are times when individuals know that they are the focus of a police investigation.

If you have reason to believe you are under investigation or if you have been questioned by police regarding a potential crime, contact an attorney immediately.

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At the Younglove Law Firm, our Phoenix pre-charge cases attorney will stand by your side to ensure you are treated fairly and that you do not make any mistakes during this process.

Why choose the Younglove Law Firm to help for your situation

Even if you have not yet been charged with a crime, having a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side can be incredibly beneficial. At the Younglove Law Firm, we are ready to step up on your behalf.

  • The Younglove Law Firm has continued to show courtroom strength since 1997, and we are confident in our ability to help you while you are under investigation for a crime.
  • Attorney Younglove is a former prosecutor himself, which means he understands what is going on when you are being investigated or questioned about a crime.
  • We take the time to get to know every client so we can create tailored legal strategies for every situation.

What will an attorney do if you have not yet been charged?

Most people do not think of securing an attorney until they have been charged with a crime. However, a skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can be incredibly beneficial even if you are only under investigation. An attorney can use their resources to:

  • Talk to prosecutors and law enforcement officials to gather information about any potential charges you may be facing.
  • Conduct an independent investigation into the incident in order to uncover any evidence that could be used against you or that could be used in your favor.
  • Remain in constant communication with law enforcement officials and prosecutors in an effort to head off any charges that could be forthcoming.
  • Prepare to take your case to trial if necessary to defend your rights.

What can happen if you are under investigation for a crime?

There are various reasons why you may be under investigation or questioned for a crime before charges are even filed. Typically, the criminal process starts well before anybody has been arrested. Because law enforcement officials and prosecutors do not usually directly witness a crime, they must conduct investigations. This phase of the criminal process is called the “pre-file” investigation.

Typically, investigators will contact you and ask you some questions. They may even ask to search your property. In doing so, officials may seem friendly and tell you that “you are not in any trouble.” The reality is that they will be seeking to get you to confess to something or find information that can be used to arrest you. What you say during a pre-file investigation interview could end up being used against you.

Even if you are convinced of your innocence in the matter at hand, you need to say as little as possible and seek assistance from an attorney who can handle all communication with law enforcement officials and prosecutors for you.

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If you or somebody you care about learns that you are under investigation for a crime, or if the police have questioned you about any crime that may have been committed, contact an attorney immediately. At the Younglove Law Firm, we want to get involved as soon as possible so we can ensure that you do not answer any questions or make any missteps that could result in charges being filed against you. When you need a Phoenix pre-charge cases attorney, you can contact us for a confidential consultation of your case by clicking here or calling us at (602) 737-3333.