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Were you injured in a car accident or other car accident caused by another person’s negligence? Have you lost a loved one in this type of accident? If so, you could benefit from contacting a Northridge personal injury lawyer from Younglove Law Firm.

Since our founding in 1997, we have had one unwavering commitment: secure the best possible outcome for our clients through dedicated legal representation. Attorney Doug Younglove has fought relentlessly to protect his client’s rights. He has successfully handled over 300 cases in the past five years, an exceptional amount of experience that most other attorneys in the area cannot boast.

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What Is a Personal Injury Accident?

A personal injury accident is broadly defined as any type of physical, mental, or emotional injury caused by a third party. Most often, personal injury cases derive from an act of negligence, which occurs when someone owes the victim a duty of care, breaches that duty, and causes them harm. California law allows personal injury victims to pursue a legal claim to obtain compensation from those who caused them harm.

Common personal injury accidents that give rise to legal claims include:

If you were hurt or lost a loved one in any of the accidents described above, reach out to our skilled Northridge personal injury lawyers.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers serve many purposes, including:

  • Evaluating your cases – Our team can thoroughly investigate your case and determine if you have a viable claim for compensation.
  • Investigating the accident – Experienced personal injury lawyers will be familiar with the type of evidence that is necessary to prove your claim. We can interview witnesses, collect evidence, and reconstruct the accident scene.
  • Handling communication – Insurance companies will try to use anything you say against you to deny or minimize your claim. Avoid this pressure by allowing a skilled lawyer to handle communication on your behalf.
  • Determining the value of your claim – Accident victims often underestimate the potential value of their claim because they may not be aware of all the damages they can claim or fail to consider the long-term impact of their injuries. A lawyer will have a better foundation to estimate the fair value of your claim.
  • Managing case paperwork and deadlines – We can help file your legal claims and ensure that you take legal action within the applicable statute of limitations so that your rights are protected.
  • Negotiating a fair settlement – Your personal injury lawyer can skillfully negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf with the insurance company and prepare a personalized demand package that supports your request for damages.
  • Representing you in court – Attorney Doug Younglove is an experienced trial lawyer and can take your case to court if a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved.

Additionally, you can expect us to answer your questions, advise you of the next steps in your case, and provide you with peace of mind throughout the process.

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If you were injured or lost a loved one in a personal injury, reach out to Younglove Law Firm for a free and confidential case review by calling (602) 737-3333.