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The crime of burglary, as well as other property crimes, is taken very seriously by law enforcement officials and prosecutors in Arizona. At the Younglove Law Firm, we are here to help if you or a loved one have been charged with burglary.

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Our Phoenix burglary attorney has extensive experience defending those who have been charged with burglary and other property crimes in and around this area, and we are not afraid to stand up to aggressive prosecutors to ensure your rights are upheld.

Why choose Younglove Law Firm for help with your case?

When you are facing serious burglary or property crimes charges, you have to turn to an attorney with extensive experience in these matters. The Younglove Law Firm is here for you.

  • We have been helping those facing Phoenix burglary charges since 1997.
  • The Younglove Law Firm has extensive courtroom strength, and we have handled more than 100 jury trials.
  • As a former prosecutor, Attorney Younglove understands how prosecutors and law enforcement officials will handle your case.

What will an attorney do to help in this case?

Burglary charges are taken very seriously, and the penalties upon conviction can be severe. However, a skilled Phoenix burglary attorney can use their resources on your behalf to:

  • Obtain and analyze all evidence being used by law enforcement and prosecutors in your case.
  • Conduct an independent investigation to uncover any additional evidence that can be used to bolster your innocence or work to reduce the penalties.
  • Negotiate with every party involved to reach a fair conclusion for your case. This can include negotiating plea deals if the evidence warrants a deal or even working to have the charges dismissed if necessary.
  • Prepare the case for trial if necessary to defend your legal rights.

Understanding burglary and other property crimes charges

Burglary charges in this state are covered under Arizona Revised Statutes §13-1506, §13-1507 and §13-1508:

  • Third-degree burglary. Class 4 felony offense. These charges will usually be applied if a person is discovered inside of a non-residential structure or if a person illegally enters a vehicle with the intention to commit theft or another felony.
  • Second-degree burglary. Class 3 felony offense. These charges are typically applied if a person enters a residential structure with the intention of committing theft or a felony.
  • First-degree burglary. Class 2 felony offense. These charges are the most serious burglary offense and will typically be applied if a person uses a deadly weapon, explosive, or other dangerous material with the intention of committing a crime.

However, these are not the only types of property crimes that our attorneys help clients with. At the Younglove Law Firm, we also help clients who have been charged with criminal trespassing, criminal damage, arson, and more. All of these crimes are taken very seriously and require the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Phoenix.

Our attorneys offer a confidential consultation for your case

If you or somebody you care about has been charged with burglary or another type of property crime, contact an attorney for assistance with your case today. At the Younglove Law Firm, we will not hesitate to stand up for your legal rights. Do not rely on an overworked public defender to help you get through this. Nobody will take your case more seriously than our Phoenix burglary attorney. You can contact us for a confidential consultation of your case by clicking here or calling us at (602) 737-3333.