What Does Negligence Mean in Personal Injury Law?

Posted On 11/28/2023 In Personal injury

Experiencing a serious injury is always painful and unexpected, sometimes sending your life spiraling in an unanticipated direction. If the injury occurred at home through no fault but your own, then you’ve no option but to rely on your medical insurance and to take a loss on any missed income and injury-related expenses during your recovery period.

Navigating Liability After an Injury On Public Transit

Posted On 11/24/2023 In Personal injury

Despite California’s reputation as a car-culture state, it’s also a mecca for massive public transit systems such as Los Angeles County’s Metro Transportation Authority, and San Francisco’s Municipal Railway as well as thousands of shuttles, coaches, streetcars, and rail services.

Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Southern California

Posted On 11/1/2023 In Personal injury

Experiencing a sudden traumatic injury can send your life spinning off course in a moment. When the injury results from someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, it’s even more distressing. Not only do you deserve financial compensation for the consequences of the injury—known as “damages” in a personal injury claim—but you also deserve justice.

What is an Arizona Probation Violation?

Posted On 04/12/2021 In Personal injury

Probation is a program allowing defendants who plead guilty or are convicted of crimes to serve all or part of their sentences outside of jail or prison.  The courts and probation officers take probation very seriously.

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