Tips for Safely Driving In LA Traffic

Posted On 04/15/2024 In Car Accident

California is notorious for congested traffic conditions, especially in Los Angeles and the surrounding region including the major thoroughfare of the 405 freeway. Unlike New York’s Manhatten which spans less than 23 square miles and developed upwards in its famous skyrise structures, LA is a sprawling urban mecca spanning over 502 square miles.

Driving Safety on the 405

Posted On 04/5/2024 In Car Accident

Even considering California’s notoriously bad traffic conditions, the 405 has a reputation for causing massive traffic delays, backups, and accidents. Sometimes called the San Diego Freeway, this major artery links both northern and southern parts of Los Angeles, or San Fernando Valley and Orange County, and flows under the large steel bridge structure of Mulholland Drive.

What Is a Four-Way Stop?

Posted On 03/21/2024 In Car Accident

Despite it being a required lesson in traffic schools and driver education tests, it seems there are always drivers at four-way stops who do not know the rules or who abandon the rules.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Southern California

Posted On 01/11/2024 In Car Accident

A car accident is a traumatic experience with the terror of losing control, the force of the crash, and the sound of crushing metal and glass—all memories most car accident injury victims in Southern California never forget.

California’s Laws Regarding Cell Phone Use While Driving

Posted On 01/9/2024 In Car Accident

Distracted driving remains a leading cause of car accidents in California, despite a series of laws put into place during the past decade to prevent cell phone use behind the wheel.

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