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Bicycling is a convenient and healthy way of getting around Encino. While cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, many motorists fail to give them the proper space and consideration they deserve, which can lead to devastating accidents. If you were injured while cycling because of someone else’s negligence, you can turn to the Encino bicycle accident attorneys at Younglove Law Firm for help.

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Why Choose Us for Your Encino Bicycle Accident Lawyers?

The attorneys at Younglove Law Firm have dedicated themselves to representing injured clients in Encino and the surrounding area since 1997. Our client-centered legal advocates provide the following advantages for your bicycle accident claim:

  • We offer free consultations and never collect fees until after we win your case
  • Strong local resources to put the best investigative strategies behind your claim to prove the at-fault party’s liability
  • Personally tailored service with individualized strategies for every unique case—we know that your bicycle accident claim is yours alone and deserves more than a cookie-cutter approach
  • A dedicated Encino personal injury attorney working on your case to achieve prompt action with a resolution-oriented approach to seek a settlement, but also a strong litigator who is more than prepared for court should a lawsuit become necessary to ensure your full compensation.

Our lead attorney, Douglas Younglove has over 30 years of experience with more than 100 jury trials, and 300 cases with successful conclusions in the past five years alone.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Bicycle Accident Claim in Encino?

Bicycle accidents cause serious injuries with expensive treatment and lengthy recovery times. Often this means missed paychecks and large medical bills. These consequences of an accident are known as your “damages” in a personal injury claim, including in bicycle accident cases. Common damages in bike accident claims include the following:

  • Property damage to your bicycle
  • Past and future medical expenses related to the injury
  • Past and future income loss
  • Diminished future earning capacity due to disability caused by the accident
  • Pain and suffering compensation
  • Compensation for any other non-economic injuries that apply, such as loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, limb loss, or PTSD

Financial compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering cannot erase the pain you’ve experienced, but it substantially increases compensation and provides a sense of justice.

If a loved one was killed in a bicycle accident in Encino, you could recover compensation in a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Encino

Both drivers and bicyclists minimize the risk of serious injuries in a bicycle accident by carefully following traffic laws and remaining alert and vigilant. Unfortunately, bicycle accident injuries and deaths are on the rise, increasing by 9.3 percent between 2020 and 2021 in California. Common causes of bicycle accidents in Encino include the following:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Drivers who fail to yield the right of way to a bicyclist
  • Drivers driving too close to a bicycle while passing
  • Rear-end collisions from drivers following a cyclist too closely
  • Car door accidents: drivers parked on the roadside sometimes fail to check for cyclists before opening their door to exit the vehicle, causing a head-on collision between the cyclist and the door
  • Driver left-turn accidents: drivers may focus on traffic coming from the right when making a left turn and fail to see a cyclist approaching from the left

California has twice the national average of bicyclist deaths, making up four percent of traffic fatalities in the state.

Common Injuries in Bicycle Accident Claims

If you or your loved one was injured in a bicycle accident due to a driver’s carelessness or reckless driving, you may have suffered life-altering injuries with long-term impacts on your ability to work and accomplish daily routines. Even less serious injuries cause financial stress when medical bills roll in at the same time you may have missed one or more paychecks. Common injuries when bicyclists have accidents with motorists include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: bicycle helmets protect against some head injuries and increase the likelihood of survival, but some brain injuries occur when a powerful jolt causes the brain to bump against the inside of the skull or to twist and tear inside the skull
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones: bicycle accidents often result in multiple fractures, including of the hip, pelvis, ribs, and limbs
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue damage including knee and shoulder injuries
  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Facial injuries
  • Road rash (abrasions)

Bicycle injuries tend to be serious or even grave, especially when an unprotected bicyclist encounters a 4,000-pound metal vehicle.

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How Our Experienced Encino Bicycle Accident Lawyers Can Assist with Your Claim

Bicycle accidents often lead to severe injuries because cyclists have little protection against motorists or the pavement. Bicycle accident victims and their families need the time and space to heal and recover after the accident. When you hire the team at Younglove Law Firm, you get dedicated attorney who specializes in bicycle accidents will fight for what’s best for you. We can help with your claim by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident and determining who is responsible for it
  • Gathering evidence to find out how the accident occurred, such as accident reports, witness statements, and photos of the accident scene
  • Working with local authorities and investigators
  • Collaborating with your medical team to ensure you receive quality care and understand the full extent of your injuries
  • Finding expert witnesses, as necessary, to further substantiate your case
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement with the insurance company
  • Taking your case to court if a fair settlement is not possible

What Should I Do After a Bicycle Accident?

The first thing you should do after a bicycle accident is to get immediate medical assistance. You will probably notice signs of your injury, but in case you didn’t at the time of the accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Adrenaline may initially mask your symptoms.

Report the accident to law enforcement. Give them information about the driver if they fled the scene. Take photos or videos of the accident scene, if possible. Request a copy of the police report once it is available. Seek assistance from a skilled Encino bike accident lawyer for assistance.

What If the At-Fault Driver Fled the Scene?

Bicyclists are vulnerable road users. When a driver hits them, the results can be catastrophic. This can cause the at-fault driver to flee the scene out of fear of criminal and civil repercussions.

If an at-fault driver flees the scene, consider taking these steps and contacting a car accident attorney in Encino to protect your legal claim:

  • Write down the license plate number and a description of the vehicle.
  • Ask any witnesses to provide their contact information and cooperate with the police.
  • Check the scene for any possible surveillance footage that may have captured the accident.
  • Cooperate with authorities to help locate the at-fault driver.
  • Explore all of your insurance options for coverage, including Med-Pay and uninsured motorist coverage. Even if you were on your bike, your auto insurance policy may kick in.
  • Work with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Encino.

Proving Liability After a Bicycle Accident in California

California has a fault-based insurance system that requires injury victims to provide evidence of the at-fault party’s negligence in order to prove them liable for damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Proving liability in a bicycle accident requires documenting evidence to show the following:

  • The at-fault party owed a general duty of care to bicyclists and others on the road to take reasonable measures to prevent causing an accident and injuries
  • They were negligent while driving and breached this duty of care
  • Their breach of duty directly caused the injury
  • The injury victim suffered economic and non-economic damages from the accident

In less common cases, the at-fault party could be the manufacturer of a defective bicycle or vehicle part or a negligent road maintenance agency, but careless or reckless drivers are the most common defendants in bicycle accident cases.

What If I Was Partly At Fault for My Bicycle Accident?

Bicyclists must follow all traffic laws just as drivers. If you made an error and contributed to the collision, you can still recover compensation per the state’s comparative negligence laws. California Civil Code 1427-3273.69 which states:

“Everyone is responsible, not only for the result of his or her willful acts, but also for an injury occasioned to another by his or her want of ordinary care or skill in the management of his or her property or person, except so far as the latter has, willfully or by want of ordinary care, brought the injury upon himself or herself.”

Say, for example, you contributed to the accident by wearing dark clothing past twilight, but the driver rolled through an intersection without stopping, you could be determined as 20 percent at fault for the accident. If your damages amount to $100,000, you could still recover, $80,000.

Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently take advantage of the state’s comparative negligence laws and attempt to assign a cyclist an undue percentage of fault for the accident. An experienced lawyer from Younglove Law Firm anticipates and counteracts these tactics with evidence and expert witness testimony.

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